Origami - Free Craft Workshop for Kids

On Saturday, August 15th, join potter Stephanie Theado as she shows children how to fold paper to create works of origami. 

Weekly Workshops at the Round Barn

Every Saturday, kids are invited to free workshops at the Pakatakan Farmers’ Market. Sessions are taught by members of the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild. Workshop themes relate to the Pizza Garden, an installation created by Transition Catskills. A Pizza Garden is shaped like a giant pizza, and it’s where you grow the topping ingredients for your favorite food.

Nature-Themed Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Each design begins with a square sheet of paper, which is transformed into a finished sculpture through a series of folding techniques. Origami designs can be quite complex, but Stephanie will teach easy designs that result in beautiful sculptures. To celebrate the Pizza Garden, children will learn to make either a flower—because all vegetables begin as flowers—or a frog—to honor the frog who sometimes visits the garden.

Ceramics Through the Generations

Stephanie’s connection to the ceramic arts began in Troyes, France, where she spent summers with her grandmother. The family had lived in the medieval town for over 600 years, and many pieces of functional ceramic and metal kitchenware were handed down from one generation to another. Crêpes were served on solid, simple plates, and cold cider was sipped from stoneware cylinders. Scattered throughout the garden were ancient water pitchers. Stephanie’s pottery reflects the classic icons from her childhood. Her simple, quiet and centered designs act as a counterpoint to an over-stimulated world.

Color, Design, and Touch-ability

Ceramics should delight the eye with color and balance, but they must possess another dimension to become everyday favorites. Stephanie puts special emphasis on the way her pottery feels in your hand. The Potbelly Mugs look fertile and feel fully cupped. The ergonomic shape of the beer steins makes them easy to carry. The pitchers and teapots are comfortable to hold, and they pour well.

Sustainability and Durability

A shift is in the air, from planned obsolescence and disposability to durability, and Stephanie’s handmade pottery has found its place in the sustainable marketplace. Her high-fired stoneware pots will withstand heavy use for many years. Her pieces are locally made, environmentally friendly products.

Functional Tableware Collections

Stephanie’s collections of functional tableware include “Birds and Berries,” “American Beer Steins,” and “The Classics.” Her designs complement a variety of decors, whether rustic or contemporary. Her work is available at both the Pakatakan and the Delhi Farmers’ Markets, and at the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild store in Delhi.

Bovina Open Barn and Studio Tour

Stephanie’s Bovina studio will be part of a tour of farms and artists’ studios on Saturday, August 22nd. Artwork, edibles and other products can be purchased directly from their creators. Details can be found at www.ComeToBovina.com

Farmers’ Market and Workshop Hours

The Pakatakan Farmers’ Market is open from 9 am to 2 pm every Saturday through mid-October. Please note that the Artisans’ Guild workshops are only offered from 10 am till noon. Parents often do their shopping while kids learn a new skill at the workshop. However, children under the age of seven should be supervised by their parent or guardian.

The Pakatakan Farmers’ Market is located on the grounds of the historic Round Barn, Route 30, Halcottsville (about 5 miles north of Margaretville).