Letter to the Editor: Natural gas isn't propane

Dear Editor,

Some things just don’t make sense …….

A veto was done a couple weeks back right here in Ulster County. Since I’ve been in the energy business for 20 + years, I find it sad as to the incoherent facts that this was done by … I’ll explain.

1) LPG = Propane, is a manufactured gas that is produced through the process of refining for other fuels such as gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, methane, butane, #4 oil, #6 oil and kerosene. The ONLY time you can equate Natural Gas with Propane is only lately as to the storage capacity of LPG from the pipeline from Texas to Selkirk, NY.

2) Propane produces less carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxide emissions than gasoline or diesel.

So … the Veto that had been signed was coerced by a group of people that necktied the Executive into signing it … I also support things that are good for the environment. I don’t support people stopping good ideas using wrong information. I think the county has missed an opportunity to start reducing emissions right now.

Congrats to John Parete and a group of others in seeing the TRUE environmental and Financial direction for a large share of county owned vehicles.


Bob Gallagher
High Falls